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hey what’s up youtube this is matt with  the this making this   quick video for anyone who’s inside of my savings  highway global as a customer or wants to become an   affiliate uh it’s an awesome company guys listen  i’m all about savings and i love the value that   this company offers and the ways to save and i was  actually able to save a hundred dollars on a car   rental i had to get anyways using their product or  service so it’s a phenomenal product if you guys   are wondering hey should i be promoting this or  should i do something else no you guys you want   to check this out because they give real good real  world value and i’m all about savings because why   pay full price never do that guys so i decided to  make a custom page because i am actually a graphic   designer and a web designer the company does in  fact have its own marketing system you can get   but i decided to do something custom because  this is what i do it’s my profession i make pages   and build and do graphics so i decided to make  this page this can be used for anyone who’s a   leader who wants to have their own custom page or  just anyone who wants to have something different   and ability to change things out so the way i  have it set up now is this is a teaser video that   kind of gets them exciting what i could do is make  this into an opt-in page now this teaser video in   particular is my favorite video on all the videos  out there it connects with the viewers emotionally   and it really wants people are it really uh  entices people to get more information about   the company uh this is a very powerful uh video  to watch and it’s not a youtube channel and i   just put it on here so the way it works is people  are going to watch this video they’re going to get   excited they’re going to click learn more and  it’s going to slide down into this presentation   box here um so what i did here just just use some  relevant colors and i kind of got a photo mosaic   here in the background what i eventually want to  do is just find out if some members in the company   want to have their images in the background here  but uh this is the most common presentation i see   people sharing out there and it just gets some  more information to uh let them know that hey this   company is awesome man this video does a great job  of selling and telling uh and from there people   have the option to join but sometimes people  want more information they can click reviews   it slides down and i picked out my favorite  company videos that i’ve seen on youtube   giving product demonstration and testimonials i  really want people to watch this video uh they   can just scroll down and they can click one of  these buttons to join at any time which takes them   down to the options for joining really you want  everybody in the platinum platinum has the most   value makes the most sense especially if you want  to have a vacation at the end of the year right   at the same time as someone clicks on join after  watching the video it scrolls past these videos   and i do that for one particular reason i want  them to watch these videos uh so they go past you   know the shoots pass on their screen like hey what  i miss and they go back and watch these videos   and they can go ahead and sign up so if anyone  wants to get this page it’s optional okay i   charge 25 to install it you want me to host it you  can also get the funnel builder tool that i use   to build this page out allows you to  customize you want to capture leads   uh it’s pretty intuitive it’s drag and drop you  can just move things around change things out   add things change videos allows you to do  a lot and this builder only costs 25 bucks   so if you guys want to get this my contact  information is in the description or you can   go to but make sure you  contact me so i know that you want to get this   page specifically all right that’s it guys  take care bye for now have a profitable day

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